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Design Thinking Workshop: August 10-12

There are still spaces available at this summer’s Design Thinking Summer Institute for teachers and administrators at Prospect Sierra School on the East Bay. The three-day course is being led by veterans of the Stanford–an alum and a former lecturer with many years of K-12 teaching under their belts. If you’re curious about design [...]

If PCs are Trucks, the iPad is What?

When the iPad came out, a lot of K-12 technology leaders were intrigued, but decided that their use was limited in schools. With a different operating system and no physical keyboard, they didn’t look or act like PCs. One Bay Area school is running a very interesting experiment, enabling real desktop applications like Microsoft Word [...]

Education Nation

KQED’s Michael Krasny interviewed Milton Chen, executive director emeritus of the George Lucas Educational Foundation and Edutopia, earlier today– and now you can listen online. Chen’s new bookEducation Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in our Schools (Jossey-Bass Teacher) outlines some of what he sees as the important edges in 21st century education. Predictably, some [...]

Design Revolution Road Show

The Design Revolution Road Show is in its third month on the road, and if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the midwestern places where it is coming, you’re in for a treat. The road show consists of a great old Airstream trailer filled with real products that have been designed with humanitarian [...]

California’s Digital Textbooks

Today KQED’s Forum program broadcast a bit about the current state of digital textbooks in California. The first twenty minutes relate to K-12 education; the rest concern higher ed. The important development in California for K-12 education has been the governor’s digital textbook initiative. The project was launched during the state’s budget crisis, and consequently [...]

Getting unstuck: design thinking

So what do you do, when you’re working project, and you just get stuck? Here’s what design thinking will advise: Don’t just stay there, and try to think it through, or analyze it to death. Think: “Who can I go to?” and “What can I try?” This was one of the gems from George Kemble’s [...]

Ken Robinson on Creativity and Schools

In the last few years, Ken Robinson has spoken widely about the need for a transformation in schools, and the missing role of imagination in education. I have tried to gather a number of his talks below, so that you can follow some of the threads he traces. Some of his work helps to draw [...]

Your Right Job

In recognition of the current economic climate, I wanted the first interview here to be relevant to people who were personally struggling with the tough job market in some way. I was fortunate to get some time with Brian Golter, whose book Your Right Job, Right Now: Unconventional Wisdom, Unbelievable Results from My Boss June [...]