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Telling stories

As teachers, school leaders, and parents, the stories we tell exert a profound influence on our students, communities, and children. What matters is not only what the stories are about, but how we tell them. This is point of a nice little essay by Richard Gamble over at the Front Porch Republic. He quotes Wendell [...]

Ken Robinson on Creativity and Schools

In the last few years, Ken Robinson has spoken widely about the need for a transformation in schools, and the missing role of imagination in education. I have tried to gather a number of his talks below, so that you can follow some of the threads he traces. Some of his work helps to draw [...]

Merrow and Ravitch on education, teachers

John Merrow, who does features on education for the News Hour, as well as longer documentaries for PBS, just posted a good interview with Diane Ravitch on his blog on In the short interview, Merrow gets her to weigh in on standards, NCLB, and the prospect of more privatizing public school system. Among the [...]